Watching Ted Lasso Season 1 Without Apple TV: A Comprehensive Guide

Are you eager to dive into the world of Ted Lasso, but don’t acquire an Apple TV? Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered with a step-by-step guide on how to watch season 1 without breaking out your credit card for that fancy streaming device.

Option 1: Amazon Prime Video

In this digital age, having multiple streaming services can be a blessing. If you’re already an Amazon Prime member or willing to sign up, you can easily access Ted Lasso Season 1 on the platform!

  • Streaming: Head over to the Amazon Prime Video website ( and create an account if you don’t have one.
  • Search: Type “Ted Lasso” in the search bar. The series should pop up as a result, along with its various episodes. You can choose individual episodes or go for the full season package.
  • Play: Click on your desired episode (or start watching from the beginning) and enjoy Ted Lasso’s quirky humor, witty one-liners, and football-filled fun!

Option 2: Hulu

Another popular streaming service worth exploring is Hulu! They also offer a vast collectoin of TV shows, including our beloved Ted Lasso. Here’s how you can watch season 1 on the platform:

  • Sign-up: Sign in to your existing account or create one (
  • Search: In the search bar, look for “Ted Lasso” and select the series from available results.
  • Play: Choose an episode to start watching Ted’s antics, commentary style.

Option 3: Google Play Store

Did you know that you can purchase individual episodes of Ted Lasso or season 1 through the Google Play Store? It’s a convenient way to grab your favorite shows without committing fully:

  • Google Account: Log in (or sign up) with your existing Gmail account at the Google Play website (
  • Search: In the search bar, type “Ted Lasso” and find your desired episode(s). You can browse by clicking on individual episodes or purchase season 1.
  • Buy & Download: Purchase a single episode (or whole season) using payment methods like credit cards or Google Pay. The file will be stored in your My Library section.

Option 4: YouTube

Lastly, if you have an existing account and prefer buying digital copies of shows, you can find Ted Lasso episodes on YouTube:

  • Account: Sign into your verified (or create) a new YouTuber’s account at
  • Search: Type “Ted Lasso” in the search box. Your desired episode should appear within the results. Select individual videos or explore playlists and channels with available content.
  • Purchase: When ready, tap on an episode to open its store page; choose ‘buy’ then confirm your purchase through YouTube’s payment methods.

Tips & Troubleshooting:

Before diving in, consider these helpful tidbits:

  1. For Amazon Prime Video and Hulu, ensure you’re connected to a stable internet connection.
  2. When buying or downloading individual episodes on the Google Play Store (or other services), check that your device is compatible with video playback formats.
  3. Some platforms may have geographical restrictions based on region; check availability before making purchases.

In conclusion: With these four options, accessing Ted Lasso season 1 without an Apple TV is no problem! By following each step-by-step guide outlined above, you can seamlessly stream (or own) the show of your dreams through Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Google Play Store or YouTube. Happy watching!

Please note that while this article focuses on providing comprehensive information for viewers who want to watch Ted Lasso season 1 without an Apple TV, it is essential to check platform availability and restrictions based on region before making any purchases.