Games Like Gartic Phone

The thrill of playing “Would You Rather” with friends over Gartic Phone! While this particular game is all the rage, we can’t help but wonder what other addictive and entertaining options are out there for those looking to pass the time or engage in some lighthearted fun with buddies. In this article, we’ll delve into a list of games like Gartic Phone that offer a similar blend of social interaction, creativity, and entertainment.

Section 1: Word-Based Games

When it comes to word-based games akin to Gartic Phone’s “Would You Rather,” there are several options worth exploring:

  • Word Chain: This classic game is perfect for those who love words. Players take turns saying a word that starts with the last letter of the previous player’s word.
  • Hangman: Another timeless favorite, Hangman challenges players to guess a randomly generated word or phrase by suggesting letters.
  • Two Truths and a Lie Word Game: This game is similar in style to “Would You Rather.” Players take turns saying three words related to themselves, but with one lie. Others have to figure out which statement is the false one.

Section 2: Creativity-Focused Games

For those who enjoy expressing themselves creatively, here are some games like Gartic Phone that cater to your artistic side:

  • Truth or Dare Draw: Players take turns drawing something based on a random prompt (e.g., “draw an animal starting with the letter ‘T'”) and can either choose to draw or dare their friends to complete a task.
  • Storytelling Game: Players take turns adding to a collaborative story, each contributing one sentence at a time. The results are often hilarious and entertaining!
  • Charades Artistic Interpretation: This spin on classic charades involves acting out artistic pieces (e.g., paintings or songs) instead of everyday phrases.

Section 3: Social Games with Laughter Guaranteed

Games that focus on social interaction, humor, and silliness are always a hit. Here are some examples:

  • Joke Swap: Players take turns telling jokes related to the prompt (“Tell us your favorite joke about [topic]”) or sharing funny memes.
  • Truth Bombs Game: Similar to “Two Truths and a Lie Word Game,” this game involves players saying three truths about themselves, but with one wild fabrication. Friends then try to figure out which statement is false.
  • Silly Prompts Challenge: Players are given silly prompts (e.g., “create the most ridiculous dance move”) and have to come up with a response within a set time frame.

Section 4: Multiplayer Games for Remote Connections

For those who can’t always gather in person, these multiplayer games provide opportunities for social connection online:

  • Among Friends: A popular party game available on PC and mobile devices. Players participate in various mini-games designed to be played with friends remotely.
  • Jackbox Party Pack: This collection of indie games offers a range of cooperative or competitive experiences perfect for remote gatherings, from quizzes to drawing challenges.


Whether you’re looking for word-based fun, creative outlets, social interaction, or multiplayer adventures online and in-person – we’ve got it covered. Games like Gartic Phone offer endless entertianment options that can be played with friends from the comfort of your own home. So next time you’re craving some lighthearted fun or seeking a new way to engage with pals remotely, stare no further than this curated list!