7 Games Similar to Survivor.io for Fans of Online Survival Games

Hello there, fellow survival game enthusiasts! Are you tired of playing the same old games and looking for something new to try? Well, you’re in the right place! In this article, we will introduce you to 7 games that are similar to the popular online game, Survivor.io. So, get ready to embark on exciting survival adventures!

Online Survival Games

Survivor.io is a massively multiplayer online survival game that has gained immense popularity among gamers worldwide. The game is all about survival skills and tactics, where players must fend for themselves in a hostile environment, gather resources, craft tools, and weapons, and battle it out with other players to become the ultimate survivor. If you enjoy playing games that require strategic thinking, sharp reflexes, and quick decision-making skills, then you’re sure to love these 7 games that are similar to Survivor.io.



Looking for a game similar to Survivor.io? Look no further than Zombs.io. This game is all about building and defending your base against zombie attacks.

Build and Defend Your Base

Zombs.io Base Building

In Zombs.io, your main goal is to build a base that can withstand the constant onslaught of zombies. You start off with just a small structure, but as you collect resources and craft better gear, you can expand your base and make it stronger.

There are different types of structures you can build, from basic walls and traps to more advanced turrets and mines. You’ll need to use your resources wisely and plan your defenses carefully to survive the zombie hordes.

Collect Resources to Survive

Zombs.io Resources

To build and upgrade your base, you’ll need to gather resources such as wood, stone, and gold. These resources can be found scattered throughout the game world or obtained by destroying zombies.

But resources are scarce, so you’ll need to be strategic about how you collect them. You can also trade with other players or raid their bases to acquire more resources.

In addition to gathering resources, you’ll also need to craft weapons and tools to defend yourself and your base. From bows and arrows to bombs and guns, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Team Up With Others

Zombs.io Team Up

Surviving in Zombs.io can be tough on your own, which is why it’s a good idea to team up with other players. You can work together to gather resources, build structures, and defend against zombie attacks.

Plus, playing with others can be much more fun than going it alone. You can chat and strategize with your teammates, making the game more social and engaging.

Overall, Zombs.io is a great choice for fans of online survival games. With its focus on base building and zombie defense, it provides a challenging and rewarding gameplay experience. So gather your resources, craft your gear, and team up with other players to survive the zombie apocalypse.

Survivor.io is a Battle Royale game with a unique top-down perspective and simplistic graphics for a challenging gameplay experience.

2. MooMoo.io


If you enjoy the survivability aspect of ZombsRoyale.io, then you’ll feel right at home with MooMoo.io. In this game, you must build and protect your farm from hostile players and animals while gathering resources. From crafting structures to harvesting crops and mining for gold, this game offers plenty of opportunities to hone your survival skills.

Unlock New Weapons and Gear

As you play and progress through different levels, you’ll also unlock new weapons and gear that can help you thrive in the game. Whether you prefer a more offensive or defensive playstyle, there’s a wide variety of options to choose from. You can specialize in melee combat, ranged attacks, or even go for gadgets that can give you an advantage in combat.

Competitive Gameplay

In MooMoo.io, the objective is to survive and fight for the top spot on the leaderboard along with other players. The competitive aspect of the game is what makes it even more thrilling. You’ll have to think on your feet, and sometimes make tough decisions in order to come out on top. The more battles you win, the higher your rank will climb which will make other players even more determined to take you down.

Maplestory is another popular MMORPG with cute 2D graphics and a huge variety of character classes to choose from.

3. Surviv.io


If you’re looking for a fast-paced battle royale game, Surviv.io is the perfect option for you. This game offers intense gameplay where players have to be the last one standing on a constantly shrinking map. With its unique mechanics and quick action, Surviv.io offers the perfect experience for fans of online survival games.

Loot and Shoot

In Surviv.io, scavenging for weapons and supplies is crucial in order to take out your enemies. You’ll have to explore the map and search for loot, ranging from powerful weapons to healing items. These supplies can be found in buildings, hidden corners, and by defeating other players. With a wide variety of weapons available, ranging from pistols to shotguns, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from when it comes to combating your opponents.

Solo or Team Play Options

Surviv.io offers players the ability to play alone or with a squad, making it the perfect game for any player style. Playing solo can offer a more intense experience, as you’ll have to rely on your instincts and skills alone to survive. Alternatively, team play can provide a more strategic experience, as you’ll have to work with your teammates to take down other teams and ultimately emerge victorious. Whether you choose to play alone or with friends, Surviv.io offers endless possibilities.

4. Starve.io

Starving in the winter landscape in Starve.io

If you’re looking for an online survival game that’s set in a harsh winter environment, then Starve.io is an excellent choice.

Survive in a harsh winter environment

In Starve.io, you’ll begin the game with only the bare essentials, and it’s up to you to gather resources and fend off hunger, cold, and hostile creatures. You’ll need to keep an eye on your hunger and temperature levels, as they can quickly drop in this unforgiving landscape. You can collect various resources such as wood, stone, and food. Wood can be used to create a fire that will keep you warm during the harsh night, or you can also use it to craft tools and weapons. On the other hand, stone can be used to create sturdy walls and make other constructions while food can be used to satisfy your hunger and regain lost health.

Explore a vast, dangerous world

Exploring the Vast and Dangerous World of Starve.io

The world of Starve.io is vast and dangerous, filled with hidden loot and secrets while avoiding dangerous terrain. From dense forests to rocky mountains, there are plenty of areas to explore. However, be warned that hostile creatures and other players may attack you. So, always be on your guard and ready to defend yourself.

Strategic base-building

In Starve.io, constructing a shelter is vital to protecting yourself from predators and weather. Gather resources to create walls, doors, and traps and create a strategic base to defend yourself from other players or monsters. You can also create different structures such as farms and windmills.

In conclusion, Starve.io’s harsh winter setting, vast world, and strategic base-building elements make it a great online survival game that fans of the genre will enjoy. Whether you’re playing alone or with friends, Starve.io’s challenging gameplay will keep you engaged for hours on end.

5. Deeeep.io


If you enjoyed the gameplay mechanics of Survivor.io and the idea of battling for territory and resources, you’ll love Deeeep.io. This game takes place in a vibrant underwater ecosystem that is yours to explore and evolve in. The graphics of this game are stunning, and the gameplay is extremely engaging. You start off as a tiny fish and grow bigger as you eat other fish. But beware, there are dangerous predators lurking around every corner.

Dive into the deep sea

The stunning graphics of Deeeep.io will have you exploring the deep sea in no time. The game offers a vast and beautiful underwater realm for you to discover. The colors are vivid and the realism is impressive. From the peaceful coral reefs to the dark and eerie depths of the ocean, there’s always something new to explore. The animations of the sea creatures are fluid and lifelike, making for incredibly immersive gameplay.

Fight for survival

In Deeeep.io, you’ll have to fight to survive against other players and dangerous predators. As you continue to grow bigger, your enemies will become stronger as well. You’ll need to use all your wits to outmaneuver your opponents and keep yourself alive. You’ll be battling all sorts of creatures, including sharks, jellyfish, and even whales. And you can’t forget about the other players on the server, who will all be vying for the same territory and resources that you are.

Unique gameplay mechanics

Deeeep.io offers a unique set of gameplay mechanics that make it stand out from other online survival games. As you evolve your creature, you’ll gain special abilities and adaptations that give you an advantage over your foes. For example, you might develop a tougher skin to protect yourself from attacks, or grow teeth that let you eat other fish more efficiently. You’ll need to use these unique skills to outsmart your opponents and survive in the cutthroat world of the deep sea.

STALKER is a post-apocalyptic open-world game with survival elements and atmospheric horror.

6. Wilds.io


Survival games come in many shapes and sizes. Some are complex, 3D, visually stunning creations, while others are simple and 2D, yet still manage to captivate players around the world. Wilds.io falls into the latter category, offering players a chance to battle it out in a 2D world, where resources and territory are at the forefront of the game.

Battle other players in a 2D world

The game puts you in an ever-changing arena where you must fight against other players and scavenge for resources. The fights are intense, and the gameplay is fast-paced, making it an excellent option for players who enjoy quick, adrenaline-pumping games.

Choose your weapon and skills

Wilds.io offers a variety of character classes and unique abilities for each one. Whether you prefer close-range combat or long-range attacks, there’s a class to match your playstyle. As you progress through the game, you’ll unlock new weapons and abilities, allowing you to perfect your skills and take down your enemies.

Campaign and story-based modes

Unlike some other survival games, Wilds.io offers a campaign and story mode where you can experience different quests and challenges. The story is a fantastic addition to the game, adding a new layer of depth to the gameplay and allowing players to fully immerse themselves in the world of Wilds.io.

If you’re a fan of 2D survival games, then Wilds.io is undoubtedly worth checking out. Its unique gameplay, character classes, and story-based modes make it stand out from the crowd and provide players with a refreshing take on the survival game genre.

7. Terr.io

Unique RPG elements

If you’re a fan of online survival games, you’ve probably heard of Terr.io. Like Survivor.io, Terr.io is a game that requires you to build up your resources and take out enemy players. But Terr.io adds a few new twists to the formula that set it apart from other games in the genre.

Grow your territory and army

Unique RPG elements

In Terr.io, your goal is to claim as much land as possible and build up your forces to take out other players. Unlike other survival games, Terr.io has a unique resource system that requires you to manage your territory carefully. You’ll need to gather resources like wood and stone to build up your structures, and you’ll need to defend your territory from other players who are trying to steal your resources.

Action-packed gameplay

Unique RPG elements

One of the things that sets Terr.io apart from other survival games is its fast-paced gameplay. The game takes place on a constantly changing battlefield, which means you’ll need to be quick on your feet if you want to survive. You’ll need to navigate through complex terrain and make split-second decisions to stay ahead of your enemies. And with a wide range of units at your disposal, there are countless strategies you can use to outsmart your opponents.

Unique RPG elements

Unique RPG elements

What really sets Terr.io apart from other survival games, though, is its unique RPG elements. As you play the game, you’ll earn experience points that you can use to unlock new abilities and units. This adds a new layer of strategy to the game, as you’ll need to carefully choose which abilities and units to focus on as you level up. And with new content being added to the game regularly, there’s always something new to discover in Terr.io.

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